On the summit

Here, on the sharpest peak of glory
At the verge of the highest summit
I stand my head erect, steady and stout!

It is so amazing to be the only one
Among the crowd of so many like !
My vanity mounting, prudent airs waving !

Is this a moment’s imagery of bliss?

I do get it as I look down to the stairs
 I climbed up, the slopes I cringed to
And then the short-cuts I drew
The unclear routes I traversed !

In the introspection, as a statue
I stand and stare around
Finding nothing around, none to surround !
The huge depth alone exists
An awareness that I am left alone !
The steep shallowness underneath
Is threatening to gulp me down!

Perplexed and confused am I
Unable to compose on the pointed pose,
Bound unsteadily in the tiny periphery,
None to clap and acknowledge
I realize what I gained are just gone vain!


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