Words are sometimes
Like weapons
Razor sharp,
Piercing deep
Into the hearts;
Pained as if
Smitten and smeared
And the venom spreads.

Words may
Fume as splinters
Ignite themselves
From nothing
Wave up high
As huge flames;
They gulp the world
In and out !

Often they create
The furor
Of a volcano
Spitting out stingy
Odors and dirt
In the air around,
Contaminating, they
 Pollute all around.

At times unwanted
In hurry and fury
They storm and flood
Washing away
The wealth and health
Of the human lives.

But there are times
When words seem
As if heavenly blessings
Are showered up on us.
They soothe and comfort
Cradle in softness
Chanting lullabies
Filling cushions with
Love and kindness,
That the pains drown
And humanity shines.

So, let’s be aware
To use the choosiest words
With caution and rigid care
And cherish the
Ultimate joy.


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