A midst the dust clad pages
In the memoirs of my past
                                          A lovable face always shines
  Oh! My teacher, it is thine!

   Made self eternal in my heart
          For you clasped my tiny hands,
     As I stepped first to the school
    Trembled to fall and wept.

         A love-bird chimes from my past
         That toned up strength in me,
    Touching my frightened heart
                     With the warm softness of your love!

       Not only the lessons , you taught
 But to read the lips, eyes,
The faces, minds and hearts
      Powered by thy skillful acts.

          Teacher, you guided my thoughts
To bloom and flourish
To feel the realization
Of the richness of creation.

     At times, discarded and dejected
     Depressed, I sank and simmered
     Thanks teacher, you lifted a little chin
     That my head still stands high.

Hey, you had once said, do what you can,
Bury the fright of what you can’t
Listen to the murmur within
Don’t you feel, “you are the best”

     Yes, I heard it sure, now
     And then I’ am still hearing.
     Often the best of me wakes up
     ‘cause its’ you who beckoned it. 

Dear teacher you caressed with skill
And brought up a worthy person of me.
I bow to thy greatness and
Worship thee as my alma-mater.


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