I was chained…, The Shame…..

I was chained…..
                         -  Geetha munnurcode-
I am born as a girl,
And so I’ve been chained!

My ways were barricaded
With iron thorny fences
And my doors were shut in caution…..
The curtains swung on to my face
Neither swaying in a comfortable breeze
Nor letting the rays of hope in….

Everything around seemed to say
‘Stop, this is your limit.’

The very beginning glow of light
As an infant I perceived
Drilled pores in my stature
Pointing my limitations
My confidence shattering
I kept cursing…. , “I am a girl…..”

 Oh! How harsh it was to get trained
That I would stride and slide away myself
From hungry vultures and wolves,
That I would keep in safe custody
Of whatever precious things I posses,
That I could smash the polished pretensions
Of those near me to captivate me,
That I would choose and act righteously
In every step with mounting pressures…

The nightmares have been my bed mates….
The sufferings my day loads……
Whenever I felt myself unsteady
I cursed the day I was born……….

The Shame…......
                         -  Geetha munnurcode-
Deep from the dark skins of the past
Sprayed are the blood-jets……
That oozes out stories….
 Each of sorrows and suppressions….
Those scoff and scorn the humanity
Sprouted out of degraded betrayals….

The baffling of whips resonates……..
From the grieved, departed, slaved souls,
The chains of slavery even
Stretched to their graves,
 In every moth hill erupted there, fumes
The shame in the sufferings of racism…..

 Afraid am I, in this hour too that
Some where the white skin would
Over shine beyond heights,
Beam with gleeful temper
And tarnish some black skins.



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