In search of………..!

In search of………..!

My life
Clumsily sways
As an idle pendulum;
When it ticks
With each hum
I dive deeper
Into the dark skies,
As to explore
It’s lump resources.

I had cherished themes -
Dreams that might have been
My prime fancies….
Now, curled upside down
Such silly fallacies they seem,
Are breaking down to spring jets,
As if spitting out the messy grief,
Merge into the darkness.
My structure is being caught
In a torrent of pain,
Bleached and then polished,
Vanes dull…
 Healing the bruises that bled
And vanishes to an absolute nothing…….

Would the black sky shower
The  chosen hails of light on to me,
From it’s glittering stars……?
May those hit me
To fret and fume…….
That would ignite dreams afresh,
Fine flowers may bloom,
The perished thoughts
From the graves
Would splutter out
Into a golden flame….!
May the ‘self’ of me peep out
                        In the renewal fit  !                       


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