My clock ticks away…….

My clock ticks away…….
                                         -  Geetha munnurcode- 

This monstrous round face
Of the cumbrous mantle clock
With a rigid accuracy
Ticks away
Incongruous notes of life.
The time-worn face it bears
But adamant and untiring
Sizzles softly
Each moment that counted
As if in an enthusiastic impatience,
In It’s usual disapproving tone,
One…two….three…..and many…
Minutes, hours and days…parading,
Synchronizing when marching…
Announces in a pensive mood,
‘Look, be aware of what are gone,
Those tickled down make your past
That can’t be caught back….’

Abhorred, as I detour, I decide
I’d better date with the destiny.
But, still it ticks coherently
Putting up itself in a clumsy gait,
Slides into motion
Indeed is a fool proof device!
It relays instructions
As if from amused quietude
Intruding into my tepidness…
‘Hey! Wake up, you foolish lazy brat
Refresh your readiness.
Now murmuring into me softly
‘Put a lovely antidote to the lousy day’

‘Hey, enough of it for now’
Into an electrical gadget
I would parallel myself
And sure, I would rush……..


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